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Do Nhu Thuan, MD

Thuan was born and raised in a small highland village, west of Hue city.  When he was in middle school, his mom had a chronic illness, and his father struggled with finances to care for his wife and to feed his children, day in and day out.  Despite the disadvantaged living condition, Thuan's academic record has been excellent.  To rescue his academic success, his grandpa hoped to take care of him when he was a 9th grader.  

Unfortunately, the grandpa also struggled to nurture him, and he ended up being adopted by the local charity organization which is supported by SEF.  As limited as financial condition, SEF partially sponsored Thuan for his medical school tuition annually.

He continued to study well and is now a good doctor who works in the Oncology Hospital of Da Nang, Vietnam.


Dr. Thuan is at the Oncology Hospital of Da Nang, Vietnam


Thuan was  with the sponsors when he was in the high school


Thuan with classmates at the Medical School of Hue

Le Van Cuong

Cuong is currently a medical student in Hue city, Vietnam.  Exceptionally, he received partial financial support from SEF for his college tuition and books.  Cuong wrote SEF a letter thanking us for the assistance and telling us his education journey in Vietnamese.  We translated it into English for our donors' view.


Cuong, in a blue shirt, was in a chemistry class with classmates.

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