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In 2000, Dr. Toan Pham and his wife made a noble decision to use their fund to assist many poor children in dire need to continue schooling in Hue, Vietnam. The purpose was to financially support the children so they could keep going to school and completing their educational dream. Dr. Toan Pham named this mission Pham's Education Encouragement. The effort was only to assist the children in need because the association could only generate funds from and within the Pham's family.

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Dr. Phat Pham has joined this noble mission for many years.  However, he decided to reorganize the association and continue this work to hope for many needy children in 2015.  He established this Schooling Encouragement Foundation that continues to financially assist children of disadvantaged socio-economic families in Hue and Long Xuyen, Vietnam, encouraging them to pursue and complete their educational dreams.  Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, SEF started its assistance to the children in some affordable housing communities in the U.S.  SEF affiliates with some service providers and non-profit organizations to provide after-school activities in those areas, as mentioned above.

SEF's Board of Directors consists of Dr. Toan Pham, Ms. Joann Rodriguez, Ms. Ngoc Bich Tran, Ms. Leatress Anderson, and Dr. Huy Nguyen-Khoa.  The Board of Directors will oversee the management of this foundation's operations and finance, ensuring this charity work will be more effective and systematic.  

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