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Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Schooling Encouragement Foundation recognizes the barricade for children who experience the destitute condition that might prevent them from sustaining and doing well at school. While believing in children's education is key to effective social change, we reaffirm our desire to assist those disadvantaged children for their academic success. Schooling Encouragement Foundation's volunteers also recognize that our desire to support those individuals helps encourage the dignity of each recipient and the chance for them of a better future.  Schooling Encouragement Foundation appreciates the generosity of its donors and the hard work of its volunteers so the organization can continue its mission for many more years ahead. 


Schooling Encouragement Foundation wants to embrace diversity as its primary support is for different kids in the community and around the globe.  Schooling Encouragement Foundation is a non-discrimination and equal opportunity to all of its stakeholders.  Schooling Encouragement Foundation commits to:

-              Work deliberately to make sure its mission's objectives are demonstrated in the right direction

-              Open-minded to all alternative suggestions and recommendations from volunteers and the team.

-              Adaptively change goals and programs to ensure the best positive impacts.

-              Practice fairness and careful consideration to all populations it serves.

-              Leverage the talents and abilities of staff and volunteers to profit the participants by creatively embracing and sustaining the inclusive culture and worldview of the involved people.

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