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Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Trinh

Hậu Giang - Việt nam

Trinh is an abandoned orphan as mother and then father, in turn, left home when she was still in her young age. Trinh and grandma have undergone financial problems, day in and day out, but she is reported to have great diligence in her school works. Her grandmother suffered financially to nurture Trinh and to support her schooling for many years.  On the day they received the scholarship, grandma emotionally thanked SEF in tears and asked to use it for her granddaughter's tuition right away as she could not save enough money since school began.

Trinh completed middle school with a high GPA and continued high school with three years of scholarship assistance.

Nguyễn Thị Hoài Phương
Huế, Thừa Thiên - Việt nam

This is Hoài Phuong. In 2016, she was an 11th grader. She was living in a 320 sqft home with her mom, grandma, and younger sister. Her mom has had a health problem for so many years, so she was unable to get a job outside of her home. The family members earned less than two USD per day as straw conical hat makers.

We came to know Phuong by her application in 2016. SEF had helped her with two years of tuition and books.  She graduated high school with high grades and continued her dream in college. 

Phan Văn Duy

Hương Thủy - Việt nam

Duy and his 4 siblings live with their parents in a shabby hut located in the coastal central area of VN.  Parents are fishermen, but since the ocean water is contaminated with chemicals spilled from the Formosa Steel Plant, they had to give up their careers. Family living conditions are in desperation because both parents hardly find works in the near town. 2 of his younger sisters have stopped going to school and became live-in maids for others in order to survive.


As considered that Duy’s schooling may be also at risk if he does not have a SEF scholarship, we decided to support his education journey.

Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh
Thạnh Hòa - Việt nam

Hữu Cảnh is attending middle school as an eighth-grader. He is an excellent GPA student despite his living condition. As you can see, he lives with his parents and his little brother in a small, insecure hut. Their home is in the middle of a small village and far away from the main roads.

Every day, Canh struggles on his way to school.  However, his attendance record is excellent.  SEF received his application, and we determined that obviously, Cảnh needs some help from SEF to sustain his schooling.  We want him to achieve his educational dream.

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